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      There have been some reported issues that when the Roku Pro tries to install or update the individual Media Source drivers, the controller crashes, especially on the GS10. This can happen because the driver tries to install or update the drivers too fast. There is no way of slowing this process down programmatically and the controller can’t “keep up”.

      You can try to install again, but first remove any orphan drivers or EMV interfaces that are left over from the first attempt.

      1. Try to update the Media Source device drivers individually
      2. Install the Roku Pro on a fresh controller with no other media devices installed
      3. Re-image your controller with the last OS you imaged. Sometimes it takes two image install runs to get the controller working right.
      4. Install the Roku SE (Single Edition) / RokuTV SE and fill in the information manually (or auto discover until the target Roku is installed) for each Roku on your network
      If you choose option 4, Innovo will replace your RokuPro with two drivers (a Roku SE / RokuTV SE) and refund you the difference.

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