GaragePro (Operates MyQ Doors Using TailWind, RATGDO or Shelly)

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If you purchased a MyQ driver from us in 2023 (starting January 1, 2023)  you get 50% off this driver.

Email your original activation code(s) to and we will send you the coupon.

Use the driver as an alternative solution for MyQ operated garages or any other supported garage door.
The solutions offer subscription free, local controlled, no annual fee, no cloud access needed control of MyQ (And other garage doors)

This driver can install TailWind, Shelly 1, Shelly 1 Plus, Ratgdo using MQTT with the Magic Cube or Ratgdo using Native ESPHOME to control the garage.

The driver installs an Input and Output components freeing up a lighting device.

Input is for sensor.

Output is for trigger control.

The driver has been redesigned from the ground up to use the Input / Output Stub freeing up a lighting device and offering true door control with feedback and multiple trigger and sensor options.

To purchase the Shelly 1 Kit – In Stock and Ready to Ship:
Shelly-1 Kit including Case and Power Supply.
To purchase the Tailwind:
Tailwind – Third Party Vendor
To purchase RATGDO:
RATGDO – Third Party Vendor
To download the driver:
To Download Click Here: Garage Pro Driver

To Purchase a license click below (contact us first for discount coupon)

Updated: June 10, 2024