Sense Energy Monitor for Elan (Official)

The Sense Energy Monitor driver has been re-done from the ground up.  It now has three install options from essential to full devices.  It has more information including projected energy usage based on historical data, monthly trend graph, and a unified interface for Now, Weekly, Monthly, and Yearly Data.  The elements are easier to connect with far less elements to connect using a universal screen.  The driver has better layout for the User Interface and many more improvements in the driver engine so that it’s a lot less taxing on the controller.

This is an official driver to connect Sense Energy Monitor to Elan Controllers. To learn more about this amazingly smart product visit Sense.

This driver uses an official API from Sense Energy.  Innovo is an official Sense partner.  The driver doesn’t use public, hacked or reverse engineered API calls.

To Download a 7-day free trial, click here.  To purchase Add to Order Below.