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Magic Cube Aura Wired Plus BLE 5 and WiFi 6

This version of the Magic Cube comes equipped with a 2.5GBPS Ethernet Connection  + BLE 5.0 + WiFi 6.0.

The Built in Bluetooth allows you to control bluetooth lights, sensors, curtain openers from Elan.  Discover the power of Bluetooth sensors and lights.

For a limited time receive $25 off when ordering this unit.  Applied Automatically at Checkout.

You can still add Zigbee and ZWave adapters to this unit.  See Below for options.

If you need more than 5 units, please reach out to with a PO.

This is our new Magic Cube Aura.  It enables Elan to communicate with thousands of devices by providing a middleware hardware that will translate commands from Elan to the devices.  It’s lighting fast and provides all the necessary technology to be able to control many devices around the home or business.

The MagicCube Aura – Now with build in 32GB EMMC storage, 4GB RAM, 6 Core ARM processor running 2.0GHz.  It’s practically on steroids and uppers 24/7.

The Magic devices allow our drivers to use real-time communications between Elan and Drivers.  Polling is a thing of the past with Innovo’s Hardware.  This means its real-time fast and uses very little resources on the Elan Controller.

Each device has the same basic software and each device is equipped with a pre configured backup.

A Magic device can run multiple drivers and multiple instances of the same driver.

Magic Cube and Magic Cube Drivers are sold separately.  To Purchase click here.

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Weight 14 oz
Dimensions 8 × 6 × 3 in


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