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Open Source Money Back Guarantee:

Innovo Offers Two Year Support and One Year Money Back Guarantee on all open source API.

Open source API is defined when Innovo uses a publicly available API to make the driver work.  Many times those API calls are community supported and not officially supported by the manufacturer of the device.  Sometimes those drivers break because the manufacturer makes changes to their system without informing the community.  The community usually releases a fix fairly quick after such breakage.

If Innovo is unable to release a fixed version of the driver within 4 weeks of breakage, we will offer a refund to the dealer upon request based on the following schedule:

  1.  Full Refund for the first 6 months after a driver has been activated.
  2. After 6 months, refund drops to 50% of purchase price.  
  3. Each month after the initial 6 months, the refund is prorated until it reaches zero after month 12
  4. No other liability is assumed or costs are refunded.

The maximum liability that Innovo has is the price of the driver. Dealer assumes all other liability arising out of installing the driver.