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Magic Cube License – Any Driver Pack

We are revolutionizing the way dealers license drivers.

In the old days, when horses roamed wild and free, you used to buy a license for every brand you installed in the house.  With today’s thousands of different brands, that amount can add up to be a substantial sum.  Kiss those days goodbye!

With the introduction of the Magic Cube Aura, Innovo is now introducing the Magic Cube Stub Licenses.  If you use the Magic Cube, you only need one License per Stub (Input / Output is treated as two)

The Stubs available are:

Security – Including Panels and Door Locks

Lights- Including lights, garage doors and curtains

Media – Including sources, displays and zoners

Climate – Heating and Cooling

Irrigation – Coming Soon

Utilities – Coming Soon

Inputs – Including Binary Sensors, NFC Tags and Triggers

Outputs – Including Automations, Scripts and Scenes.


How does it work?  Purchase one license for each stub needed.  For example, Lighting is considered one stub.  Get 100’s of lighting brands under one driver using one license.  KNX, Hue, Somfy, TPLink, WYZE, Insteon, Bond, Big Ass Fans, Shelly, Eufy, Fibaro, Control 4, HomeKit, IKEA lighting, Netatamo, ZWave Lights, Zigbee Lights, Bluetooth Lights, and the list goes on.

For supported devices see below.  If you device is not listed, reach out to

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1 License $99, 2 Licenses $179, 3 Licenses $249, 5 Licenses $399


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