Roku Pro

 Overview & Supported Features 

This is a two-way driver to control Roku from Elan with dynamic loading of Roku Channels and Favorites. Now with HR10 / HR30Support. 

The Elan controller is capable of querying Roku, returning Channels with Icons, and transport control over Roku. 

This is the Pro Version with the following super enhanced feature 

1. Auto Discovery of Multiple Roku Devices 

2. Auto Installation of Multiple Media Source Drivers 

3. Easy Activation 

4. Global Search feature (The user no longer has to be in the search page on the Roku Home Screen, Search can happen from any screen) 

5. Elan Integrated Driver State 

6. Instant Replay 

7. End User configured Favorite Channels (The customer can add / change their own favorite channels. No Dealer Configurator needed) 

8. Enhanced Driver / Installation status 

9. Faster Transport 

The following options are supported by [this driver]: 

Roku 2, 3, 4, Express, Express +, Stick, Stick+, Ultra, RokuTV 

The following playback options are not supported by [this driver]: 

Must be Roku TV. RokuTV Source and Volume controls are not supported by this driver