We continually update our drivers to fix bugs and add new features as requests come up and as manufacturers add more capabilities to devices.  If there is a feature that you would like to see or a bug that you found, please make sure to drop us a message to support@innovo.net.

Updated Dec 15, 2021

Sonoff received an updated engine to handle more devices, have more local feedback options, and generally faster performance. We added general device support for many EWELink devices.

Updated Dec 15, 2021

Sensi received a new update that has better handling of Auto mode and compatibility with Elan Climate Schedules.

Updated Dec 11, 2021

We have updated our Shelly Pro and reworked it from the ground up. We added support for the Shelly Gen2 devices along with the Shelly Pro Line. We also added Energy Monitoring and Better Network Event Handling.

Updated Dec 08, 2021

General bug fixes and activation bugs. General Refresh and Elan OS 8.6.522 compatible

Updated Nov 26, 2021

We added multiple door feedback and live user feedback in the viewer. We also added a timeout work around that some NEXX users experience while using their cloud.

Updated Nov 24, 2021

Thanks to the feedback and efforts of a preferred dealer, we have updated the Tado driver to support water heaters. We also added Elan scheduling support.


Updated October 22, 2021

We added support for external sensors and Enviro and Granite Panels


Updated September 14, 2021

We have added better handling of events and feedback. Added support for the Air and the Room Sensor