Elan + Innovo Magic = Amazing Drivers – Innovo Elan + Innovo Magic = Amazing Drivers – Innovo

You asked, we listened. Introducing two great devices to help link Elan to hundreds of drivers.  

The Magic Cube and Magic Cube Pro are small Linux based IoT devices that are designed to run nonstop.  They run Home Assistant and a host of other software including Remote Desktop.  Best of all they are Innovo Supported!

Not only will these devices run our special drivers,  these little devices will allow you access to all of your internal system via built in remote desktop that gives you access inside your installation.  It’s like have a PC workstation on site so you can administer all those systems that don’t play well with Elan Discovery.

We have created drivers that talk to Home Assistant and operate all the lights, climate, and media (coming soon) and sensors from Elan with full feedback and control.  More details on the driver here.