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Shelly Light Suite – Lighting Only – No Sensors

At the requests of dealers:

This is a two-way driver for Shelly Lighting products only.  It is designed to install all Shelly Lighting products, Gen1 and Gen2. This includes the Pro 4PM, Pro 2PM, Pro 1PM and the switch portions of the EM and EM3.

It is lighting fast and developed in conjunction with Shelly to take advantage of all the special features designed with Elan Dealers in mind.

This driver will not install any sensors or energy monitoring features.  If you want the Pro Driver that installs Lighting and Sensors, please see the ShellyPro

The Shelly Lighting is a true professional-level driver built with official cooperation of Shelly.  It’s  made for professional Elan dealers looking to simplify the installation process by using a single click driver to install and manage over a dozen Shelly devices.  The driver uses the most advanced installation and Smart Mode Discovery© available for Elan Controllers.

The Shelly drivers give Elan dealers very affordable and reliable lighting and sensors devices for a new installations or retrofit.  The line has a wide range from dimmers, switches, light bulbs, plugs, sensors to RGBW controllers.  Innovo has a driver to fit most of Shelly’s product line..

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